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Geothermal Inside Look

Indoor Air Quality is as important as choosing the right system for your home. Why make your lungs work harder than they have to? When you come home you want to be comfortable. Breathe easy! Whether you go with WaterFurnace's Merv 11 filter or another filtration system, Andrews Heating offers the right solution for your indoor air quality needs.

Geothermal Inside Look
Loop Configurations

The most important factor in the efficiency of the operation of your unit is what is in the ground and the role it takes in assisting your technologically advanced HVAC equipment. You have multiple choices when it comes to your geothermal loop configuration including pond loops, vertical loops and open loop systems.

Geothermal Inside Look

Your indoor comfort is our business! Whether you choose a simplistic approach or a more technical one with programmable features and various enhancements, Andrews Heating puts the control in your hands. It's your home and you should be comfortable.

Geothermal Inside Look
Geothermal System

Geothermal heat pumps, via a series of underground pipes, exchange heat with the earth instead of outdoor air, making a geothermal heat pump system the most efficient system available. By using the earth as a battery, the store energy is able to condition your home and lower the overall cost of operation by as much as 70%. The WaterFurnace 7 Series™ is one of the most advanced heating and cooling systems, making geothermal the right choice not only for your family but the planet as well.